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Wednesday, May 29th 2013

9:15 PM

Me2everyone is welcoming everyone home

  • After Thought: I'm very glad I joined.

Have you read about the benefits of being a member of Me2everyone?

Do you know the difference between a Metoo and a Share?
As a member you can become part-owner of the site for F*R*E*E!

I became a member of Me2everyone in 2009 and worked my way up to directorship with the company that is responsible for handling support issues at the site. 

Join us and get your share of the network! 

If you are a member of Me2everyone and haven't visited the site in awhile, you should see what you're missing by visiting the microsite. 

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Sunday, April 14th 2013

7:50 PM

My Smash Solutions Search Engine Results

  • After Thought: Also, I can edit the content to reflect the new name.
Since I joined Smash Solutions I have been working on getting recognized in different locations on the Internet. I've been checking my search engine results to see what pages I'm on once the results display. I'm noticing that I haven't hit page one yet. I'm on 2-3 and 5-10. 

Once post that I made on another blog named "I'm not done describing Smash Solutions features yet! The Smashers Group Independent Business Owner" is on page two and a post I made at IBO Toolbox named Celestine Gray Video: Smash Solutions is directly below it. Hmmm!

The main web page that I've been linking to in order to move it up in the results is located on page 7. It's named "Independent Business Owners The Smashers Group". Do you see what's missing? I left out Smash Solutions in the name. How could I have missed that? I do know something about SEO and understand that adding the company name for the blog title or page title makes a different in the search results. Don't you think I should go back and change it? Hmmm!

I think I will named it "Smash Solutions - Independent Business Owners The Smashers Group". That should do it! 

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Monday, March 25th 2013

10:51 PM

Smash Solutions - an all-in-one business hub

  • After Thought: Once Smash Solutions launches, I can post to this blog more often. Yipee!
The main reason why I decided to revisit this blog was to tell all of my readers about a new site that I'm really excited about. I have been signing in and out of a lot of different sites for several years in an effort to get all of my online marketing done. I have accounts at the top five (5) social sites along with several others. Being a director, I have had to use Project Management sites such as BaseCamp and TeamWork PM. I think anyone with a Google account is aware of Google Drive for sharing documents or Dropbox. Let's not forget the fact that we post information to our blogs also. OH, don't forget the email campaigns, advertising, keep track of all those little notes, reminders, webinars and appointments.

That's a lot of logging in and out everyday just to get your online work done!

Coming approximately May 1st is a new site named Smash Solutions that is an all-in-one business hub where you can sign in, get your work done and have extra time to for other things like being with family and friends. Besides having everything you need in one location, they have some great classes at Success University. There are six (6) classes in all and you actually learn more than just how to use the tools in the site. If you had to pay for the classes (which you don't), you would probably have to spend a few hundred dollars for them. They are just that good! 

Click here to see a list of features that you get for free. 

Forget the list. I want to join Smash Solutions now!

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Monday, March 25th 2013

8:39 PM

I'm still at Me2everyone

  • After Thought: I'ts been a long time since I posted here. Wow!
At Me2everyone we are currently waiting for Version 3.0 Phase 2 to be tested then go live on the site. 

There are several other projects that are being worked on also. The main one that the Me2everyone Development Counsel (MDC) is concerned with right now is the new online adventure/puzzle game called The Quest: Rise of Emodo. We've hired a Concept Artist that is doing a great job with the sketches. 

You can visit The Quest: Rise of Emodo official blog  to learn more about the game and join our development community to find out how you can win a minimum of $100,000 if you open the vault within the game. When you join the development community you will receive a link so you can refer others to the community which will be very beneficial to you when the game launches!

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Saturday, August 20th 2011

12:54 AM

Update on Me2everyone

  • After Thought: Gee it's good to be back so I can update you on everything.

As you can see, it's been a very long time since I've posted in this blog. Since my last post, I've moved up to the position of director after the CEO restructured the job roles that are available within the social networking site and created more companies that are associated with Me2everyone.com. We now have the beginnings of our 3D World and are letting everyone know that our Virtual World (3D & regular web pages) is on its way.

The allocated shares that I mentioned in my previous post are now called Metoos, but the quantities are still the same. Recent events have now allowed members of the site to convert their Metoos into Shares. Yes, you actually get a Share Certificate making you part-owner of the company!! How much did it cost ..... nothing, notta, zip, zero. 

The new feature that went live a few weeks ago is in our new benefits area of the site and is called the Metoo Exchange. I think it's a great name because you can:
  • Exchange your Metoos (convert them into Share Certificates), 
  • Transfer  some to other members or organizations,
  • Earn an income from your Metoos.
Not only can you convert them into certificates with your name on it in the Metoo Exchange , but you can convert the Metoos so that a family member or other individual can have one! I plan on getting one for my granddaughter and putting the dividends in a fund for college.

Once we go live on the stock market you will be able to:
  • Receive dividends from your Share Certificate(s),
  • Buy and sell shares.
There are a lot of additional features that are coming to the site. The most recent discussion is about the new area for advertising and the new profiles that are going to be jaw dropping based on the post in our Latest News section within the site.

Not in yet? Well click the link and join us!


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Sunday, November 21st 2010

10:10 PM

That didn't work either!

  • After Thought: I'll tell you about another one soon!
Wow! It's been almost 2 years since I posted in this blog. How time flies. My last post mentioned and investment program. I won't go into all the details, but lets just say I was almost rich, until I wasn't able to get my money out of the program. I feel really bad because I asked several people to join and one of them lost a large sum of money also.

On January 9, 2009, I joined a social site called me2everyone.com (M2E) and now I am on the M2E Support Team and the M2E Support Counsel. As of this post, when you join you receive 2,000 shares (we're talking stocks here!) just to become a member. If you share your referral link you receive 5,000 shares. 

The CEO will be changing it in the future, but hasn't given us any information as to what the cut off will be or what the new amounts will be. The site is being upgraded in stages because of the complexity of the entire site. In the near future the plan is to have a 3D site allowing Business Members to advertise based on zones such as local, state wide, nationwide and internationally, depending on the package that you are interested in. We will have malls that you can visit and purchase products in the 3D world, then receive them in real life at your front door! The cities will have Mayors that have been voted in by the actual 3D community and lots more. 

In the plans, the company will go on the stock market in the UK in 2012. Until then, we still have a lot to do with all the upgrading of the site. 

Come join us and watch us grow!


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Thursday, January 1st 2009

1:57 PM

Another Bomb!

Well after working hard advertising on the web and creating everything needed for my training classes at Direct Fortune Online, that boomed out also!

Now it's another year and I look forward to a fabulous one. I've decided to change my direction from affiliate programs and start working on investment programs on the internet.

Investing offshore in several different programs will probably be my best bet. I'm currently looking into several programs that have been recommended to me by other individuals that I have met on the internet.

I already know to stay away from the HYIP programs! The majority of them are nothing but scams.
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Tuesday, October 7th 2008

1:15 AM

Need traffic to your site?

  • After Thought: This one is working better tham most!
In the process of getting more traffic to my newest site called Direct Fortune Online I ran across a fairly new site called Web Traffic Juggernaut. It allows you to:

  1. Generate traffic to your site,
  2. Earn click-through credits from your visitors,
  3. Track the clicks for your referral links,
  4. Send out Solo Ads to your downline,
  5. Exchange pop-up ads instead of banner or text ads,
  6. Viral advertising,
  7. Build your downline in two ways
All from one site!

See Web Traffic Juggernaut in action right here!
(This will open in a new window.)

Click here to get Web Traffic Juggernaut

Viral advertising that's easy to use.
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Sunday, August 31st 2008

10:50 AM

Direct Fortune Online Is Growing

I've been busy for the month advertising my new site, DirectFortuneOnline.com, and adding other areas to the site. Direct Fortune Online now has a Partners Directory and a Toolbar that works with Internet Explorer and Firefox. The toolbar is filled with all sorts of business resources and web tools that I highly recommend. There is also a menu for social networking sites; some of them pay!

I'm also creating other areas for the graudates of Direct Fortune Online. They will be able to post information in our new blog community and our private forum.

I found a site called KickApps.co that allows you to create a social site, but I'm still learning how to use it. Yes, that will be added to the list of areas that folks can visit because they know about Direct Fortune Online. I don't expect the social site to be a huge community because it will be there mostly for affiliate marketers and internet marketers to communicate and learn from each other, along with advertising their information.


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Wednesday, August 6th 2008

1:35 AM

Live Online Training Classes Available

I know you've been waiting for the announcement and it's finally here! Direct Fortune Online is the name of the site. Learning basic computer skills, intermediate affilate marketing and advanced search engine optimization are the classes that are being taught LIVE at the site!

It's live online training that won't burn a hole in your pocket!

There are thousands of online training classes that are charging outrageous prices for what they teach. Lots of them costing thousand of dollars. Since DirectFortuneOnline.com is being presented by me, you need to know that I have always been the type of individual that loves to share my knowledge. It means more to me to help others become a success on the internet than it does to rob you blind.

I decided to check the search engine results while creating this post so I could list out all the sites that have made it to page one of Google. Here are just a few of my accomplishments since March of this year.


  1. Greenwood Health Systems, Inc. Google Results:
    my mini-site called Greenwood Health Systems, Inc., the Myspace Group and the Widgetbox for Greenwood Health Systems
    http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&rlz=1T4GGIH_enUS260US261&q=greenwood healt...
  2. Greenwood Health Systems Products Google Results:
    the YouTube video and a page from my mini-site called Greenwood Health Systems Products

  3. Natural Longevity Discount Buyers Club Google Results: www.nldbc.com/celes and the Myspace Group
    http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&rlz=1T4GGIH_enUS260US261&q=natural longevi...

  4. NLDBC Google Results:
    the first one listed along with the Myspace Blogs and Yahoo 360 Blog

  5. Offer Grapevine Google Results:
    the widgetboxes and Offer Grapevine @ blogspot.com
    http://www.google.com/search?sourceid=navclient&aq=t&ie=UTF-8&q=offer grapevine


Since I just submitted DirectFortuneOnline.com on August 3, 2008, I will be working on the phrase "online affiliate marketing training" for DirectFortuneOnline.com!

Visit Direct Fortune Online to find out more about how to get started.
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